Current photography projects:
       Teaching at .....

       Saguaro National Park (East)   Tucson
       Southern Arizona VA Health Care System   Tucson
       Tanque Verde Guest Ranch   Tucson

My work has been displayed at:
       Agave Aesthetics  Tucson
       Cafe A La C'Art   Tucson
       Comfort Den
tal    Tucson
       Christopher McFarland DDS  Tucson

       Me Salon  Tucson
       Metal Arts Village, Tucson
       Michelle's Gallery   Tubac
Management and Trust Tucson
       Oro Valley Puplic Library, Oro Valley, AZ
       Salon Evad   David McCabe, Tucson
       Sheppard Mullin Law Firm   Washington DC
       TCI Wealth Advisors   Tucson

       "That's the Spot" Chiropractic   Tucson
       Tohono Chul Park Gift Shop 


My passion for photography began in May 2010 on a  walk with my dog, Max.  On weekends we had special routes.  One was going down a dirt road which passed behind our neighbors' backyards.  One house had a double lot, with the entire side yard lovingly devoted to an enormous cactus garden.
Although I appreciated these desert plants and respected their prickly exteriors, I wondered why anyone would be so devoted to nurturing them. Did they even need it?   One day the owner/gardener was out tending his garden.   Max wandered over to be petted. The man seemed willing to accommodate Max,  so I started chatting with him. He said that he had seen us pass by often and casually mentioned that the cactus flowers should be amazing this year.  I smiled, thanked him for being kind to Max, and down the road we went.

The next weekend my perspective of cacti changed forever!  Max and I came down the road.  First, I saw the colors - red, orange, yellow, purple.  Then, I just stood in amazement, as I gazed at these stunning works of nature.  The owner was there with a big smile.  "I see you are enjoying my beauties."  I asked him if I could come back with my camera to photograph a few.  "No problem".  The blooms will only last for the day or until the sun shines on them."

For the next month, always accompanied by Max, I incessantly photographed my neighbor's treasures. Up at dawn and down the road we went.  Each day I learned a little more about these amazing flowers.  Several thousand digital photographs later, I knew that I needed to share them with others.  This compilation of photographs is the result of those walks with my dog.  


Allan M. Johnson
Artist Photographer